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Donation FAQs


Q) What happens to my donation if the rental agreement goal isn’t reached?
A) If the rental agreement isn’t signed. We will have to move the grand opening date back further while we look for other ways to obtain the remaining needed funds.

Q) What is the maximum time frame to begin processing a refund, via GivingFuel?
A) 60 days from the date of donation.

Q) If a refund is due, but my original payment method is not available, am I still eligible for a refund?
A) Yes, once verified, we can still process the refund for you.

Q) How do we know what our money is used for?
A) I am glad you asked! We value transparency and integrity. Any donated funds we spend will be released publicly in several places. If you are interested in obtaining a copy. You can email us at with the words “Donated Funds Report” in the subject line.


Q) Will any of my personal information be released in the report?
A) No.


Q) Where will the skating rink be?
A) We will release the location as soon as the rental agreement is signed.

Q) How will I know when the rental agreement goal is reached and the rental agreement is signed?
A) You can track the progress on our website. You can use the link below.

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